YOUR VIEW: We have great neighbours

Theft from car takes a pleasant turn when neighbour finds and returns the stolen goods

We have great neighbours on Cortez Road.

After the Mirror ran my letter last week about the thief who went through our car and stole my unique Zippo lighter, the story was passed around on various Campbell River Facebook groups and went viral.

Then a few days later, there was a knock on our door. One of our neighbours up the street presented my wife with my stolen lighter! Apparently she had surprised the thief in the act of breaking into her car after her dog woke her up. The thief dropped his loot, including my lighter, and ran. After our neighbour saw the letter on Facebook, she knew where to return it.

It is great to know that we are surrounded by good neighbours. We all watch out for each other. So thieves, beware.

Grant Warkentin