YOUR VIEW: Taxpayers have a right to voice their opinions in spite of what others say

Perhaps Campbell River Council can remember that it is working for the residents of this community

Regarding the Aug. 16 article on Mike Gage’s comments about the spending of $240,000 on Simms Creek when, in his estimation, it is good for another five years.

This begs the question, if we are hard up for money why has this been given the thumbs up?

This gentleman with 25 years experience in road construction surely must know what he is talking about. As for the councillor taking exception to his comments about that and other decisions taken by city staff, this man is entitled to his opinion. Council may not like what they hear, but that goes with the territory.

Last time I checked we have the privilege of free speech in this country and for this councillor to say, “I take great exception to a member of the public coming to our city council and denigrating staff to the extent of calling them incompetent,” and then she rebukes Mayor Jakeway for not better policing council meetings, just demonstrates that the taxpaying citizens are treated with contempt by this councillor.

Are some councillors so full of their own importance that they forget why they are councillors? They are there to serve us, the public, and I think some who have been in the job for too long have forgotten that.

As soon as a councillor starts to believe we should “put up and shut up” needs to step down at the next election because as I have said before the tail is wagging the dog and that is not acceptable.

Jane Davies, Campbell River