YOUR VIEW: Another pole plant issue?

North Campbell River resident expresses concerns, again, about relocation of trucking business

In the August 15 edition of the Mirror it sounded like I was the only person opposing Inland Kenworths proposed relocation.

Not so. I have polled the residents of the area and none of them feel it is an appropriate location for this business.

Inland Kenworth is unquestionably “heavy industrial.” The land is zoned Commercial 4 which says  some light industrial usage is permitted.

The sale of trucks and accessories is compliant and we have no problem with that.

To let them in there is to invite another “Pole Plant” bylaw issue, as the noise and fume pollution will assuredly spill over into the nearby residential area.

Mr. Morrison of Kenworth says you can breathe the exhaust from the new Kenworths. I invite him to do so, I’d like to sit upwind and watch. What he says is misleading though.The majority of equipment they work on is older and have no exhaust scrubbers. Air Care has never been a big priority with the logging and mining industry. And the new stuff doesn’t need work yet. Diesel fumes have been proven to be highly carcinogenic, not to mention stinky.

Mr. Morrison also said they are forced to work outside at their current location. What happens if their business grows and they have to do it again? How many shifts do they run? They won’t turn work away, so we will get to listen to it all night as well. It has been my experience that they will paint a rosey picture of how it will be, but once in, they will do as they please and City Hall will do nothing about it. I trust them as far as I can throw a Kenworth.

We had the “Pole Plant “treatment in this neighborhood about 10 years ago. I know how it goes.

We have an Industrial Park in Campbell River, I suggest they use it. This is precisely the kind of business it was intended for. There is an abundance of other land in the area as well and we need another industrial park. Menzies Bay and to the west of the inland highway come to mind.

I realize that we will get this business rammed down our throats like the people on Duncan Bay Road. I just wanted to be able to say “I told you so”

It’s rare  that I don’t mind being wrong, but in this case I’d be glad to be. A lot of people stand to have their lives ruined.

Greg Kirby,

Campbell River