Your summer first aid kit

NATURALLY HEALTHY: With only a few short weeks before children are out of school for the summer it is time to update your First Aid kit

With only a few short weeks before children are out of school for the summer it is time to update your First Aid kit for the car, the plane, home and for the camper.


1. Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for any kind of physical trauma. It heals bruises and swellings very quickly. If an ankle is sprained or a bone is fractured this remedy will help with the pain and swelling. Great for those who have overdone it with sports activities and have muscle aches and pains.

2. Calc phosh and calc fluor are two cell salts that are great at speeding up the healing of a bone fractures.

3. Cryoderm: heat or cold applications that contain arnica and other natural anti-inflammatories that are applied topically. Some injuries are better with heat, some are better with cold. Cryoderm offers both. These are free of chemicals such as  parabens. I suggest both types for your kit. Cryoderm can be great for bug bites too!

4. Natural anti-inflammatories containing curcumin, boswellia and bromelain are much better for your joint health than NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatories). Have a bottle on hand and take double or triple dosages for several days to get over the trauma faster.

Sunburn and heat exhaustion:

1. Coconut water provides natural electrolytes so have a case on hand especially if you plan to be exerting yourself in the heat.

2. Sunscreens made by Newco, a Canadian company, with  SPF 15  that contain zinc instead of chemicals such as PABA, are healthier for the body.

3. Health food stores provide healthier travel versions of electrolyte mixes for hikers as well as for the elderly who are easily affected by the heat.


1. Rule out dehydration. A healthy homemade iced tea for the whole family is a novel way of maintaining hydration. Three different fruit tea bags are steeped in one liter of purified water in the fridge over night then the tea bags are removed. Liquid stevia by Herbal Select is a great way to sweeten without affecting the blood sugar. Serve with fresh lemon or lime juice. Can be made into homemade popsicles too. Great for kids to learn how to make on their own.

2. Bowel irregularity is more common when travelling, being off schedule and eating different foods. Take probiotics with at least 12 billion organisms per capsule, daily to help offset gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. A little magnesium is great for headaches and constipation too. Look for magnesium glycinate or magnesium powders that can be easily mixed with herbal iced tea.


1. Melatonin is safe in small dosages for children age 12 or older to help with those who suffer from insomnia when they travel or suffer from jet lag. Chewable and sublingual forms make it easier to use lower dosages and these provide very quick results.

2. Calcium and magnesium is my number one remedy for insomnia in all ages and great for muscle cramps so if you are exercising and get “Charlie horses” then think calcium and magnesium deficiency. Liquid forms are enjoyed by all ages too!

3. “No Jet Lag” is a great homeopathic combination made in New Zealand that works great. Take it going and coming on your flights for several days on each end of your trip.

4. Hot Epsom baths not only help you with insomnia, but electrosmog of flying and muscle aches and pains after being a weekend warrior.

Sore throats, colds and flus:

1. Chewable zinc tablets can be just the thing for a sore throat if you catch it early enough. These are easy for kids to take.

2. Oregano oil is a great antibiotic and can ward off bacterial infections very quickly. Use it diluted.

3. Effervescent vitamin C is pleasant to take and may help stop a cold or cough in its tracks. Don’t forget that you can take 500mg per year of age, so take lots or until your bowels get a bit loose.

4. HTSF is my #1 remedy for the flu, so have it on hand and take 6 doses per day for a few days to ward of a flu pronto. Sorry to say that summer flues are common too!

Skin Lesions:

1. Honey is a fantastic wound healer and anti-biotic. Apply twice     daily until better.

2. Hydrogen peroxide is an antimicrobial and great for cleaning wounds before applying honey.

3. My favourite natural bug repellant is citronella, available in most outdoor stores.

Motion Sickness:

1. ginger is the greatest remedy for this. Candied organic     tastes great and keeps well. Homemade ginger-ale is simple to make: boil 2 cups of fresh ginger in one gallon of water for one hour, cool serve with Perrier and stevia or lemon and lime. Keeps well in fridge for one week.