YOU SAY: More Duffys and Wallins

A Black Creek resident takes exception to the latest pay hikes for elected reps on the regional district

I recently read about the salaries being paid out to our regional district representatives.

I can now see why they want to increase their mandate to four years instead of three. Salaries of $30,000 to $67,000 a year for a part-time job make me wonder what their hourly wage must be?

I personally believe these three people should be totally embarrassed. Knowing how greedy some people can be, I know I am being naive. After paying over $900 as an old age pensioner on my house taxes I am irked to say the least to see it going to line my area directors’ pockets.

Many people in our area work 40 hours per week at hard and tedious jobs, and do not make that sum of money.

If our area reps had any sense of community pride they would vote to have their wages cut to come in line with the hours they work. What is enough? Once the snout hits the public trough it seems there is no end to the greed.

I am not going to comment on municipal salaries as I am in Area C, but the above criticism goes out to all of them. There is obviously no shame when it comes to a free for all at the tax payers expense. I guess there are more Mike Duffys and Pamela Wallins around than I thought.

Mike Lazare,

Black Creek