You can’t compare snow practices here with back East

People there expected it and planned for it


I am writing in response to recent letters highlighting some people’s dissatisfaction with how the City of Campbell River, and Mainroad Contracting have been dealing with snow management throughout the last month.

In my opinion, comparing snow management practices between Vancouver Island and the East Coast is futile. We do not typically see this amount of snow in Campbell River so it makes sense that we do not have the infrastructure in place to support it.

I grew up in the Snowbelt of Ontario where snow in the winter was a given. People expected it and planned for it, and were not allowed to park their vehicles on the road overnight. After a storm it was understood that it could take time to plow the roads (24-48 hours) even with a fleet of dedicated equipment.

One snowy December and people are fed up that the roads are in poor condition? Come on! I’d rather hear people go back to complaining about the roundabout.

Emily Haughton

Campbell River

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