Why is the City of Campbell River continuing to use pesticides?

The City of Campbell River News Release of May 15, 2017 has stated that targeted spraying of herbicides will begin the week of May 23, weather permitting.

According to the Campbell River City Hall website a type of commercially available Roundup (the active ingredient is glyphosate) is used on sidewalks, curbs, gravel walkways, etc. and Trillion is used on sports fields. It is stated that temporary signs will be posted at the application site. Spraying is scheduled to take place beginning at 5 am. In the past, spraying has been observed taking place on breezy days. The City has also stated that “they do their best to respect setbacks” ‐ in reference to creeks and waterways.

It is important to note that glyphosate remains present in the earth for some time after spraying takes place.

“Glyphosate is classed as moderately persistent in soil, with a half‐life of 20 ‐ 100 days, depending on soil conditions,” according to the Government of Canada website. CREC’s concern is that this is long enough for children, adults and pets to come in contact with.

Trillion contains 2,4‐D, mecoprop‐P and dicamba. The half‐life of 2,4‐D alone is reported to range from 4 ‐7 days in most soils and up to 6 weeks in acidic soils. (Government of Canada website)

The Campbell River Pesticide Awareness Page‐link to City Weed Control FAQ states, “sports fields are closed for 12 hours as a precautionary measure.”

In November of 2016, CREC presented their concerns regarding the City’s use of pesticides to City Council. Please see the presentation and more detailed information on the herbicides used on our city streets and sports fields on CREC’s website: crecweb.com ‐ reports – pesticides

Please note as stated on the Campbell River Pesticide Awareness Page: “Pesticides come in many forms including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. How we choose to manage pests in our yards is important for our families, our community and our environment.”

Where other communities in British Columbia have moved away from pesticide use why is it that the City of Campbell River continues to use pesticides when it clearly states on its website that: “Even low‐levels of pesticide exposure can pose a potential risk to the health and well being of our families, especially children?”

Catherine Holmes and Leona Adams, President, for the Campbell River Environmental Committee