Why are we rushing ahead with this spread of microwave radiation?

We don’t know at this point what level of microwave radiation is safe

How much is too much? I am asking this question in regards to the proposed placement of 92 or more Wi-Fi access points in Campbell River to accommodate Shaw’s Go Wi-Fi Service.

We don’t know at this point what level of microwave radiation is safe. With this uncertainty, why are we rushing ahead to spread microwave radiating technology throughout our city and parks. Why do we consider allowing this at a time when communities and countries in Europe ban Wi-Fi in schools, libraries, and public places.

And closer to home, Nanaimo turned down Shaw’s Go Wi-Fi Service in its June 17 council ceeting. I want to encourage you to watch the delegation presentation on the webcam at 6:17 p.m. on the agenda of that meeting.

Microwave radiation has been shown to have adverse biological effects at levels well below Health Canada’s inadequate Safety Code 6. Switzerland’s safety limit for exposure to microwave radiation is 100 times less that of Canada, so is that of China and Italy. There are many other places with even lower limits. When all those governments are concerned, why are we not?

One Wi-Fi device might seem insignificant. Let’s add up the exposure at the end of the day after hours in schools, universities, libraries, municipal buildings, hospitals, doctors offices and in places of employment. After the additional Wi-Fi pollution, add to that a walk along the water or a picnic in a park. Please don’t forget, that many people did not consent to this unprecedented experiment on humanity and environment which increases the wireless industry’s revenue and ability to collect data about our every move.

Since we don’t know how long it will take to turn biological effects into illnesses, our local government must provide safe places for those in the community who want to exercise caution. There must be areas free of Wi-Fi for all those with medical conditions that require avoidance of this radiation.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency requires food labelling such that we know what it is we consume, that we can make our own choices and avoid allergic reactions. Where are the signs “Warning – Wi-Fi Zone”?

Wi-Fi in a person’s home is a choice and it can be turned off when not in use. Wi-Fi in public places does not give anyone a choice.

To allow the spread of 92 or more hot spots without consent into the space we live in and pay taxes for  – Mayor Jakeway and Councillors, with all due respect – that is too much.

Ron & Nan Latchford

Campbell River