Why are Campbell River drivers being gouged?

Highway Bandits on Vancouver Island!

Why are gasoline prices so high on Vancouver Island?

Below is a list of taxes we pay on a litre of gas in B.C.:

• Provincial motor fuel tax (Metro Vancouver) — 1.75 cents

• Provincial motor fuel tax (everywhere else in B.C.) — 7.75 cents.

• B.C.’s carbon tax — 8.89 cents.

• The B.C. Transportation Finance Authority tax — 6.75 cents.

• TransLink tax (If you live in Metro Vancouver) — 18.5 cents.

• Transit tax (If you live in Victoria) — 5.5 cents.

• Federal excise tax — 10 cents.

• Finally, pay the five per cent Goods and Services Tax on top of the total price.

Given the taxes above, that means Vancouver Island’s price for gasoline should be a minimum of 15 cents lower here on the Island. That does not seem to be happening.

Looking at the price of gasoline in Vancouver the morning of Nov. 8, 2019 I see prices as low as 131.9 cents. That should make gasoline in Campbell River around 117 cents per litre. Why still at 142.9 cents per litre? Even as close as Courtenay this morning we see prices almost 10 cents per litre cheaper!

We are being gouged here on the island and especially in Campbell River!

Doug Kearney

Campbell River