Wheelchair won’t hold me back

Technology certainly makes it convenient for those with lessened mobility to watch council from the comfort of their homes

I feel I must defend myself against your potentially negative comments.

The recent column by Alistair Taylor regarding council candidates not attending/attending council meetings left me wondering if 1. you thought about me and the fact that I use a wheelchair as my main mobility and 2. if you had called me to ask if I watch council meetings on SHAW. my answer would have been yes I do.

Using a wheelchair is not an excuse for not being at council meetings in person, however, technology certainly makes it convenient for those with lessened mobility to watch it from the comfort of their homes.

I can assure you, Mr. Taylor, that if elected to council I will be in attendance – there is a wheelchair accessible taxi in Campbell River through 287-TAXI and they would be most helpful in getting me to council (or any other meetings associated with being a city councillor) during inclement weather.

And I will also pay for the taxi out of my Council salary – never will I burden a taxpayer with my transportation needs.

Mr. Taylor, you could very well have given your readership a negative impression of me (and others) by stating you did not see many of the candidates attending in person – they can speak for themselves. In my case, I keep informed. Always have, always will. As a matter of fact, I suggest you take a survey of every councillor – past and present – who attended regularly council meetings and see what you come up with. Or better still, take a survey of those who watch council on TV.

It is often that which we do not see that we judge upon. Smarten up, eh? Think inclusion – not exclusion.

Brian le Pas

Informed Candidate for City Council