What would city have pedestrians and less abled persons do?


When walking today on Dogwood near 2nd Ave., I needed to reach my dentist.

The opposite sidewalk was plowed, thank you city workers. But the side I needed was untouched and unnavigable. I had two choices: either walk along Dogwood with oncoming traffic behind me, which I did, or cross from the middle of the block from the cleared side to my destination.

Both of these actions are illegal. What would city administration charged with clearing snow have pedestrians and less abled persons do? Clearly the answer is that they are okay with letting their walking citizens risk their lives in an unsafe and illegal manner. Cars may travel wherever they wish but pedestrians are poorly served. The city might well reply it is doing its best but “their best” needs an immediate rethink.

This is a fine car city, but people walking require safe passage as a basic right.

Brent Hine

Campbell River

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