What they’re saying on Facebook about ferry protest

We stood together despite our original plans falling apart, the press got a bigger story then they had planned for

Lorne Gottschewski · North Island College

We showed the press that we have not given up this fight. We stood together despite our original plans falling apart, the press got a bigger story then they had planned for. All in all, I think we did good. This is not just an issue for the small islands, this issue affects every British Colombian. BC Ferries is as vital to us as the Trans Canada highway is to Vancouver. BC Ferries is part of the Trans Canada Highway, and a vital part of BC’s Highways.


Catherine Berg · Comox, British Columbia

Thank you for your stand on behalf of all ferry patrons.


Joyce Overnes Pielou · Campbell River, British Columbia

Thank you RCMP for upholding citizens’ rights to democratically protest so BC Ferries can become part of BC Highways as it was and should remain…


Laurie Ladouceur · Vancouver Island University

Well done Quadra Island and a big thank you from Bella Coola!


Florian Schwarz · Works at Everflo Compression Ltd.

think the real important part of the last statement is, “WHO CHOOSE TO LIVE ON THE ISLANDS”

If me and my family CHOOSE to live any were in this huge expansive province, is it right that the government must PAY for our choice? We in BC are all “ TOTAL DEPENDENT” on BC highways in some way or another.

Guess what costs are going up daily. How much diesel and maintenance do you all think a ferry takes? Thoses cost are not dropping! Compare the cost of diesel over the past 3 years, up up up…. If you choose to live on an island you should also have to pay more more more more. Just like if I wanted to raise my family in Helmut BC. Do I have a right to ask the hardworking tax payers for BC to subsidize my extra fuel costs be cause I CHOOSE to live in the middle of now where? Think about it. PS I did not vote NDP last election. Buck up people!


Cindy Ferand Schroeder · Pender Harbour Secondary School

When I CHOSE to live on the Sunshine Coast it was less than a quarter of the price it is now for the ferry, my wage was more than half what it is now , why should I have to pay 5 times as much for the ferry when im only making 2 times what I was then???


Caroline Bridges · Follow · Works at Author/ Writer

When our fares are being raised and they are paying themselves bonuses – it stinks…