What community is about

As he was maneuvering himself off of the turned off scooter to come into the covered patio, it lurched forward

A few of us were sitting around Foggdukkers Coffee when Jack, a regular, pulled up on his electric mobility scooter. Jack had a stroke a few years ago, and he taught himself to walk again, but he has to use a four-footed cane in his one good arm to get around.

As he was maneuvering himself off of the turned off scooter to come into the covered patio, it lurched forward and almost knocked him over.

He didn’t want any help and laughed it off in his good nartured way, but it generated some discussion. That was a close call. The scooter has seen better days. It has no lights and no protection from the sometimes harsh winter weather that the North Island is infamous for. A little research made it obvious that mobility – and electric mobility scooters – are a luxury for the financially-independent or the insured. There is very little funding available for people on income assistance and Canada pension.

So, on Saturday Nov. 23, between the hours of 11 and one, we put together a BBQ to give all of Jack’s friends the place to show their support for him. The new scooter will be purchased at cost with help from his friend Stu Smith. The venue will be donated by Kimberly Fairfax and her partner Harry Dubois who are the owners of Foggdukkerrs Coffee. Save-On-Foods and the Plaza Bakery have contributed to the food costs.

Members of a community group that Jack shares fraternity with promised to be there in full force. Two businesses from the local community committed to matching the community financial support. The list goes on and on…

Foggdukkers Coffee is a shining example of what can be done when community members get together and focuses their energy. It was built by so many volunteers, (time, energy, and materials), and people from all walks of life that share the one strength of living in the same wondrous place. Kim and Harry know the power of paying it forward. So when this opportunity presented itself they jumped in with no hesitation.

This is what community is all about. Campbell River can be proud to say it has members like Kim, Harry, Stu and Jack! And it is an honor to be able say that we live here too.

Kevin E. James

Campbell River