Wexit’s entitled, petulant, self-interested leaders should be shown the door

The recent talk about Wexit seems to be a newer version of the Quebec issues around sovereignty.

As an immigrant, I always thought: what can I do to help make this country better?

However, those perpetrating WEXIT, or western alienation, appear to act simply as entitled children who cannot wait for their inheritance, who will throw a tantrum when courts make decisions about pipelines or the consultation process.

It seems Alberta’s leaders and those of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, who often claim the spirit of can-do and independence have shown their true colors when they have to ask the federal government for help.

In a federation, working together, listening, not bullying or grandstanding, and giving the other side the benefit of the doubt would go a long way towards creating a Canadian society that values independence, helping the weak and vulnerable, celebrating diversity and difference, and accepting others’ faiths.

However, entitled, petulant, self-interested leaders should be shown the door; they stand against the values that have made this country special.

Christian Stapff