We needed leadership

Let it be known that (Area D director) Ms. Leigh does not speak for all property owners

Re:  Strathcona board agrees to cooperate with city request for annexing information

Let it be known that (Area D director) Ms. Leigh does not speak for all property owners that have an invested interest in providing services and valuation in Area D.

It had occured to myself and many others that it was in Ms. Leigh’s best interest to proceed with the sewer installation in the most cost efficient and timely manner. By her own lack of leadership that time has come and gone.

Now those that care ultimately for the environment will be subject to the emotional, irrational reactive state of Ms. Leigh until this matter is resolved. I believe she is of the particular psychologic makeup of being a critical/controller with ultimately her own best interests in mind.

She has never displayed such fight response until the prospect of losing her power over Area D by the annexation from Campbell River.

Clearly she would have served her community and herself better by adhering to the wishes of her voting constituents in 2006, not fatiguing this sewer process into non-existence. Her reality would be one of a prevailer and leader had she done what served the good of the environment.

She clearly did not do the right thing and we will all be subject to her whinny resentful disposition through the unintended consequence of her actions by losing valuable time and the property owners hard earned money and patience.

She chose to be Area D’s director and failed to direct on this most important test of her political leadership through this issue of the sewer. She has failed the community at large and worst of all the greater environment.

It is time to emerge out of denial Ms. Leigh and step aside and let a truer leader prevail. Resign for the good and do not exhibit the immature manifestation of emotional control when you have already failed your responsibilities.

Again, this did not have to be the insurmountable ordeal you have created. Many municipalities implement and install sewer systems on a regular basis.

Now 7 years of willing inactivity and untold cost burdens may be laid upon your constituents because of what you yourself emotionally felt was right over those 7 years of delay. That is fundamentally wrong.

Mark Treacy