We need more tourists

Campbell River city council doesn't care about tourism

As a newcomer in Canada, I bought a business a year ago, tourism based, and what I notice is that Campbell River council (with exception of Ron Kerr and Walter Jakeway) doesn’t even care about tourism in town.

They just don’t care that tourists turn around and turn back to the mainland and Nanaimo.

I had the opportunity to promote Campbell River in Europe with a promotional video, for all travel agents in Europe. I asked city counsel for $7,000 which would have made a big difference in promoting our city.

No, I was told, I needed to get involved with Rivercorp. Well, Rivercorp has not been doing much at all, and nothing at all to promote Campbell River overseas!

They don’t know what “we Europeans” like and how to promote tourism the European way; city counsel is ignorant about making more revenue for everybody – they just don’t care.

So I ended up with the film crew here and gave them a good time. They shot two different promo films, one for national TV and one for the travel agency’s in Europe.

The difference is these were only made for my business and not for Campbell River. I’m visiting and promoting my business in Europe at one of the most important trade shows in January 2013; I will only promote my business.

Maybe we can do some thing about this?

Thanks and with kind regards,

Jos Krynen

Campbell River