We need a better bus service

Has anyone mentioned the March 1 transit changes?

The new changes have been made and what I heard was just heart wrenching. Dads were asking “you mean my kids have to make two bus changes to get to school?”

Others were trying to see the maps that were made for persons with 20/20 vision. Older people were standing there gaping at the maps and saying “wow, do you think we can walk that far to get the bus?”

If you don’t live in town where there are more options you are screwed. Can they tell you where the bus stops are? No. What I got was there on Dogwood well that is a very long street.

At least having the centre being the Community Centre you had bright light and at times security now we have terminals that are what? No answer there. This is a service for the young, the old, the disabled and the challenged; mostly low income and we need better service so we can get to our low paying jobs or school or just anywhere.

I asked why the drivers were not involved because we have the best drivers ever and they said they were asked and I asked the drivers and they said they weren’t. So there you go.

Gale Pitman