We felt shut down and could not voice our opinions

I was present at the meeting May 8 at the SD72 School Board Office as a concerned parent of four young children, three of whom are school aged.

I stand opposed to SOGI 123 and prior to the meeting, wrote a short letter expressing some of my views about equality that I wanted to address. (Because I do not believe that all beliefs are being respected implementing programs such as SOGI)

Yesterday’s (May 8) meeting was a huge disappointment for parents who came in hopes of expressing concerns publicly and we felt shut down and could not voice our opinions. Three people spoke, those who wrote in submissions. I sat through the entire meeting and during the question and answers period I planned to read my short letter and ask a question. Only to find out after sitting through the meeting that I would not be able to bring forth any information, only a brief question. Furthermore, School District 72 board members seem to want to shut parents down completely by saying you have heard enough on the SOGI topic and will only respond to written email inquiries.

I am including my letter below that I wrote:

If we want true equality we need to respect all beliefs, that is what equality is.

Definition of equality: the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. That is why the schools remaining neutral on (SOGI, religion, etc.). Is the best option for everyone. My personal agenda would be to see religion brought back into schools.

And the agenda of some of the LGBT community is to have programs such as SOGI that teach being gender fluid.

Schools need to realize that if they don’t draw a line, schools will become political indoctrination houses for whoever is in power.

As for bullying, lets teach students to treat everyone with love and respect. Regardless of race, religion, gay, straight etc… We don’t need SOGI to do this, that is the deception of this Program..

Respect does not mean we ourselves have to take on the views of a religious person or a transgender person. You show respect by being polite and kind despite varying views and learn to coexist. SOGI is a belief system just like religion. So why are we favouring one vs the other, how is that equality?

I do hope School District 72 reviews their stance and looks further into this SOGI political agenda.

Lisa Wynd