Last month I went on the water tour put on by the City and Luisa Richardson.

We met some wonderful people that are working hard to make sure we enjoy some of the best drinking water in the world and that we can be proud of how clean our waste water is when it is discharged into the ocean.

Because our drinking water is so clear, it can be purified with UV rays rather than chemicals.

If the clarity decreases, the UV rays won’t be able to get through it and less efficient chemicals would have to be used.

The sad thing is there was lots of garbage that had been dumped within close proximity of our drinking water supply.

I’m talking about big piles of construction material and appliances  that are leaching into our water and littering our beautiful forests.

Obviously, most of the residents of Campbell River use the official dump but it only takes a few to taint our water and raise the cost of treating and protecting our water.

Someone in our group pointed out that we are so lucky to be able to turn on a tap and out comes good quality water that we don’t have to boil.

Where she comes from that doesn?t happen.  Let’s all do our best to protect what we have.

Jane Palmer

Campbell River

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