Vote for first-past-the-post

Take the last election. Approximately 40 per cent Liberal, 40per cent NDP, 10per cent Green. Looks like the only party to get the extra seven seats are the Green.

We are told we get to elect one member and the party appoints the other.

Who is the Green going to appoint in Northern B.C., Central B.C., Southern B.C.?

A Green from southern Vancouver Island or one from greater Vancouver?

Are these Greens even on a ballot any where?

Premier Horgan said “it won’t cost much.” I see it as approximately 12 per cent raise in MLA salaries, 12 per cent more in office space needed, 12 per cent more dollars for pensions and travel expenses.

Another unknown cost is the negotiations going on behind closed doors on what you have to give the Greens to get their support on passing bills.

I do not see the Greens as someone to improve our carbon footprint. I see them as wanting to shut down western Canada’s natural resource industry and the 1.6 per cent of the world’s green house gas that Canada produces can be improved by selling China our resources so they will not use their coal.

How can we vote on so many unknown facts?

Vote yes to first-past-the-post. A proven system.

Pat Molland