Viewpoint is a disgrace

What viewpoint? The area is so overgrown it is a disgrace

As one newly moved to Race Point Road, I am appalled by the Seymour Narrows “Viewpoint.”

What viewpoint? The area is so overgrown it is a disgrace, and to promote the Seymour Narrows/Ripple Rock as an important event in the history of Campbell River is laughable.

The city or whomever needs to address the growth of brush and scrub trees that obliterate the view, and provide a litter barrel for those who seem to find the poor-excuse-for-a-lookout parking lot as their garbage area. A lot of traffic stops there, and I have personally heard the disappointing comments re: the lack of any view and I am so tired of seeing the coffee cups, wrappers and everything in between tossed into the trees or left on the pavement.

Let’s clear this area up and take some pride in the viewpoint that honours a very real and important maritime event in our history.

Jody McConnan

Campbell River