URBAN GARDENER: Redefining local and busting broom

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is now fiddling with the word “local”

What Were They Thinking? The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is now fiddling with the word “local”.

Isn’t that how most producers label foods grown in their  regions?

Due to a conflict in Ontario with beef produced 200 kilometres from a particular town being advertised as local,  the CFIA have stepped into the fray. The familiar definition  of food produced within 50 kilometres of where it was grown, or in an adjacent municipality  seemed acceptable.

Apparently,  not any longer. Under  the CFIA proposal any food produced in BC including 50 kilometres over the border, (in this case Alberta) could be described as local.

If that definition is approved then we have the preposterous situation of blueberries grown in Jasper being sold as local on Vancouver Island.

What are our readers thinking? Drop off a note at your federal M.P.’s office. Let him know your ideas.

Broombusters Are An Awesome Bunch. Last week Timberline teacher Clay Carlson arranged for his senior students to go out on a broombust as part of their environmental studies.

Greenways Land Trust staff and a Broombust volunteer provided the cutting equipment, safety vests and information on cutting strategies.

Within two hours the students had leveled a very difficult stand of broom and Himalayan blackberries at the berm on the east end of the old highway and the Jubilee Parkway.

The students’ infectious enthusiasm never lagged partly due, I’m sure, to the number of cars beeping support on their horns or giving the Thumbs Up sign as they drove by.

There are several severely infested areas around the Jublilee Parkway and Hwy. 19A junction.

We really need some heavy equipment to finish the job.

Two Maryland area senior citizens, Susan Baker and Jane McKay took on a personal commitment to clear all the broom on the walkway from Maryland Road to the Ken Forde boat ramp.

They were inspired by an item in last week’s Mirror on the broom infestation.

Other residents are also taking responsibility  for clearing broom clumps in their neighbourhoods. It is a great boost for Broombuster.org members to see others joining us to tackle this scourge on our beautiful Island. Contact msostler@telus.net

Did You Know That… a carved statue of Roderick Haig Brown will be unveiled on Father’s Day?

A special ceremony, with speeches, music and food will take place at the little pocket park located between the new bridge and the River Sports store.

Be there before 11 a.m. in order to get parking space at the rear of The Brick.