Twice in 70 years Senate has proved its worth

Let me explain in words that you may be able to understand

Your editorial to abolish the Senate is both short sighted and arrogant!

In the 70-plus years that I have lived in Canada I have known the Senate to twice hold up the passing of legislation as they found it would be detrimental to the majority of Canadian citizens.

In one case it needed some word changes in the other clarification. They saved the public a great deal of time, money and anguish.

Let me explain in words that you may be able to understand. The Senate is like having house insurance, you hope that you never have to make a claim against it but if you cancel it and your house burns you will wish that you had continued the payments.

That is what the Senate is all about, insurance against detrimental legislation being passed.

I fully agree the Senate needs to be brought into the 21st century and members be more accountable but abolishing it is not the answer.

Lorne Scott

Campbell River