Treating us like cash cows

Shame on the four city council members who think that our tax increase is OK

Shame on the four city council members who think that our tax increase is OK.

How dare you treat us as cash cows  A tax increase of this size is unheard of anywhere in Canada.

What is it that city council doesn’t get about property taxes?  The four city council members  supporting that massive tax increase are out to lunch.  Why is everyone afraid of a new or good idea?

Since we moved here 10 years ago, our property taxes have increased by 30% and you want to add another 14.6 per cent to that?

Originally Mayor Jackeway and councillor Kerr were the only ones that opposed spending limits with Andy Adams joining them for the final vote against.What were the rest of you thinking?  Disgusted is not exactly the word I would use for you.

Why is everyone afraid of a good or a new idea.  There were many suggestions of ways to cut expenses, including selling off of vacant city owned land and the sale of the 3 1/2 acres, among other things.  Leave the “wish list” for another year and only allocate funds to “must do items” that absolutely won’t last another year.  There are pages of them.  Don’t do them.

Too bad there isn’t “recall” or the four of you would be hung out to dry.  Come on folks, you were elected to lead.  Do it. I agree with the mayor that we should all have a tax revolt.

Judy Campbell