Too much doggy business

Letters to the Editor

I’m thinking I may ask the City to rename Willow Point Park ‘Doggy Do Park’.

I take my dog there most days and I’m appalled at the amount of dog poo I come across on the walk around the playing field. I’m talking BIG here, the piles are clearly left by large dogs….do these selfish dog owners not think about anyone else? I heard a mother tell her child who was running to get to the swings to watch where he was putting his feet. This is totally unacceptable, bags and bins are provided and there is no excuse. Many dogs are not leashed and this of course is a good way to ‘not notice’ when Fido does the biz. It’s NOT a dog park, it’s for everyone to enjoy.

Kudos to the dog owner who was picking up piles of poo by the parking lot recently having put his dogs in his car he grabbed a few bags and was cleaning up after other people too lazy to do it themselves.

Jane Davies