Tlowitsis First Nation should just connect to Campbell River’s sewer system


While reading the controversy over the Tlowitsis First Nations and the sewage outfall I couldn’t help but think the simplest, less impact on the environment and financially, the most reasonable solution would be to hook up to the City of Campbell River sewage system.

The Campbell River Sewage Treatment Facility (Norm Wood Environmental Centre) has the capacity. It was just a few short years ago Campbell River was looking at bringing Area D (a population of over 4,000) into the City. The Norm Wood Environmental Centre meets all Federal, Provincial and Municipal Regulatory and Environmental requirements. It is currently undergoing a 6 million dollar upgrade which is in the third and final phase of the upgrades which began in 2011.

There is a registered and legal water line easement that supplies the drinking water from the City to Area D. This easement crosses Jubilee Parkway and runs all the way to York Road. The easement is a natural fit for a parallel sewer line from the Tlowitsis to the City’s sewer system. Campbell River already has staff in place with the expertise to operate and maintain the necessary pump station(s) and sewage pipe.

Tlowitsis First Nations would not have to build and maintain a treatment facility plant, saving potentially millions of dollars. Staffing costs of not having to maintain and operate a sewage treatment facility plant would save Tlowitsis First Nations significant dollars, allowing them to redirect the monies into other services within their community.

Both Federal and Provincial Governments have acknowledged there is monetary grants available for this type of infrastructure projects; this project very well could be paid entirely by the senior levels of government.

This is the best solution for Tlowitsis First Nations, Area D, Strathcona Regional District and the City of Campbell River. It just needs all parties to work together.

Larry Samson

Campbell RiverFirst Nations