Tie Domi certainly was no L’il Pumpkinhead

Ah, the art of the insult

One of the best Halloween quotes I ever heard was from former NHL player turned broadcaster Ray Ferraro.

As reported by former referree Kerry Fraser on TSN, one Halloween Ferraro made then-Rangers tough guy Tie Domi go berserk by yelling at him in a scrum: “Domi, with a…head like that, you should be sitting on someone’s porch!”

Ah, the art of the insult.

For the longest time, I actually mis-remembered that quote, unless it was a) another one from Ferraro or b) it was somebody else. But anyway, if it was a false memory then I am claiming it as an original. The way I heard it was, “Hey Domi, take off that mask, you’re scaring the kids.”

  • So, how about that weather, eh?

After a dry, dry year, we all of a sudden have been hit with torrential downpours. I always like extremes of weather, including rain. But it’s not fun when it washes away your yard like it did to Ken Seeley on Petersen Road. Goodness gracious me, how nasty that was.

Petersen Road sure seems like a municipal engineering nightmare. How long it can continue to be neglected is anybody’s guess. That crappy old road coming out of Quinsam Heights is a hazard to kids going to school and now you have to worry about it washing out. Maybe that would be a good thing, in the end. Not to worry, though, the city is putting in a whole new corner at the intersection with Homewood Road. That’s needed (that’s sarcasm there, in case you can’t tell from the way I typed it in).

  • Have you got election fever yet?

I see more and more signs going up. It kind of surprises me how few signs there are and how long it’s taking candidates to get them up. I would have thought they’d be ready to go at least when the registration deadline arrived a couple weeks ago. Of course, if all our candidates for city councillor put their signs up it would be quite the mess, considering there’s 17 councillor candidates (and three mayors).