This is no time for increassed fossil fuel production


It confounds me that our gas prices have risen so high recently since Canada does not import any Russian oil!

The only explanation to me is that Canadian oil producers who could patriotically supply gas to Canadians, are capitalizing on world gas prices and selling offshore. I also hear they want to ramp up oil production to benefit from high global prices.

We urgently need a new socio-economic order based on social and ecological well-being, not economic well-being, mainly for a few insiders with huge costs to the rest of society. It is time for capitalism to end and socialism to begin [not to be confused at all with political “communism”].

The only great benefit of the $2/liter gas prices is that I am sure people are conserving their driving time, to the benefit of addressing the ultimate of all threats to everything we love, climate change! A “Code Red for Humanity” alarm was raised by the U.N. IPCC last August – an urgent need for humanity to shift drastically away from fossil fuel use ASAP, and well underway within about a half a decade, or our world will become unlivable.

This is no time to talk irresponsibly about increased fossil fuel production or use.

Catherine Slater

Quadra Island

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