There must be some room for a second look


In response to Dan Samson’s letter of Nov. 4, I wish to highly recommend that the Regional Library Board take that second look at this proposal.

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It might be totally logical that the Library Board does not have to think outside of the box when working towards the modernization of their locations. Other cities may not have additional better opportunities or plans other than simply tearing down and rebuilding.

The suggestion that if our city does not move forward with their plan, then an improvement in Campbell River would go to the end of their list, is just simply too autocratic. As was said, there must be some room for that second look. More complex? Yes. Better? Yes. Might delay the Library Board’s schedule? Maybe.

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A response from the board to the city with an explanation as to why their schedule is more important than considering an alternate plan I think is required.

Barry Watchorn

Campbell Riverdevelopment