Thanks to our quick-acting employees and fire department

Letters to the Editor

Re: Noboco Fire.

On Monday (Jan. 4) we experienced a small fire in our warehouse as a result of a warehouse light failure. Our staff acted quickly and implemented the emergency fire plan that we have in place. Thankfully the fire was contained to a small area and our employee action kept the staff safe and the fire suppression systems worked as intended to allow help the fire department keep the flame spread to a minimum.

Our warehouse experienced smoke damage to the product and fire damage to the structure. We are currently cleaning up warehouse and the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) packaging that was damaged with most being sent for recycling at our sister facility. Part of our emergency response plan ensured our customers continued with their supply despite our two day shutdown. Noboco’s production restarted again on Wednesday and we couldn’t have gotten the quick turnaround without the work of our staff, the cleanup crews and fire department.

On behalf of our staff and our company I’d like to thank the Campbell River Fire Department for their quick response and bravery running to save our facility and to all our stakeholders in supporting us through this process.

Joshua Plamondon,  General Manager

Noboco Styro Containers ltd.