Thanks for a great festival

Every year my partner and I look forward to heading out to watch the carvers create their magic

“You won’t believe what can be done with a chainsaw!” Those were the words heading up the Campbell River Mirror write up in the June 19 newspaper, advertising the upcoming Transformations on the Shore event from June 24 to 28.

Every year my partner and I look forward to heading out to watch the carvers create their magic. We begin every year walking from station to station as the carvers set up their piece, trying to imagine what the outcome will be and shaking our heads in wonder as they do all of this, using a chainsaw. We enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds the activity in Willow Point, providing opportunity to wander the area, have lunch or dinner close by, take walks on the sea walk, or visit Sybil Andrews Cottage after visiting the carvers each day.

This year there were 20 carvers competing in the event and there were some amazing creations. Our absolute favorite piece was the Inuit Hunter – Beneath the Ice, created by Joel Palmer from New Brunswick. Joel put a lot of thought into his carving, paying attention to details, such as the Narwhal Spear that the Inuit hunter used in his trade, the mask on his face used to shield his eyes from the blinding sun. The attention to detail in his carving was absolutely inspiring. His carving told a story and it is clearly evident that he is a true artist. We certainly hope that this carving finds a prominent home in our city so that everyone can enjoy its beauty.

We are incredibly fortunate in Campbell River to have such an event that over 19 years has become something that attracts people from all across Canada to participate. We sincerely believe that this event puts us on the map as a “must see” tourist destination. And with the announcement that a movie is in the works through Canadian Cinematographer Marek J. Zaleski, Campbell River will benefit from the attention that this event brings to our beautiful Vancouver Island City. Thanks to the Campbell River Shoreline Arts Society. Thanks to Max Chickite for planting the seed to bring Transformations on the Shore to what it is today. Thanks to the Campbell River Mirror for getting the message out so that this event gets the attention that it deserves.

Sue & Gord Muhlfield

Campbell River