Thank you to our amazing Campbell River community!

Thank you to Timberline School, the Police Department, Fire Department and every single member of the community that stood on the side of the road for our children on Saturday afternoon of grad in the wind and rain to fill their hearts with such love and gratitude.

The smiles, waves, thumbs up, balloons and signs were heartwarming and I know they made the graduation day of my beautiful graduate. We will never forget and will forever be grateful for your support in such an unprecedented time in the lives of these young adults and us all.

Thank you to the fire and police department for your showing, you brought us to tears as we saw your cars and trucks waiting for us to drive by in our vehicles adorned with homemade decorations.

Timberline School, staff and volunteers, you did an amazing job with organizing, communicating and making the drive-through commencement beyond memorable. My graduate loved every minute of it, we laughed and smiled through the entire process.

The set up was beautiful, you all went above and beyond to change the feeling of this crazy ending in their high school story.

A heartfelt thank you to Hayley Zumkeller Photography. The moments captured of this epic time are stunning and will forever be cherished by our grads and every family you touched.

To the community and beyond THANK YOU from my family and from the families of all our graduates.

We will never forget!

Congratulations graduates of 2020.

Marni Smith

Graduation 2020