78 per cent of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 own mobile devices

The newest phone will always be made with top-notch advancements to make the device better, stronger and simpler.

But have you ever stopped to consider how these hot new toys can and will affect our future?

Statistics from the Pew Research Center show that in March of 2013, 78 per cent of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 own mobile devices and 47 per cent of those phones are smartphones. As well, at least 93 per cent of teens have a computer and 95 per cent of teens use the internet.

Let’s face it, our generation is growing increasingly dominated by technology, and we are constantly being surprised by bigger and better gadgets. But are they really worth it?

Now, imagine not having social media, or any kind of communication devices anymore. How would we talk to friends or access the internet? The problem is that as time passes, teens, and many others fall victim to the hazards of the web, the pull of social media and the overall ease of technology. It is true that phones and computers are extremely useful devices that allow quick communication and access to the internet – where endless pages of content wait for curious eyes, but in many places, health and grades have been declining. We’ve grown dependant on our technology and as new devices continue to fill the shelves, we will always fulfill our roles as consumers and buy them.

Statistics from Cisco in 2013 show that by the end of this year, there will be more phones physically on the earth than people.

Is this justified as evolution of technology, or are these the first signs of our decline as we depend more and more on the electronics around us?