Surely our politicians deserve the same level of protection as old growth protestors?


I’m writing regarding your recent article on the demonstrations in front of MLA Michele Babchuk’s home. Such demonstrations not dealt with can escalate.

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Many years ago when I was an alderman in Sudbury, Ontario one of our area mayors was shot at a counsel meeting. He wasn’t seriously injured but during the investigation it was determined that a number of threats were ignored and if taken seriously might have avoided the escalation .

Later ,when I was an MPP (MLA) in the Ontario legislature, I was accused of releasing a report from the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding a constituent being arrested on a poaching charge. The fact that I was away on holiday didn’t seem to matter and the threats escalated and finally lead to a confrontation with a rifle at my residence. He was arrested and charged eventually but in the meantime my family was under constant pressure until it was revolved.

I know MLA Babchuk to be a kind and very capable politician and while I don’t always agree with her politics I believe that she was duly elected to serve her constituents without threats of this kind especially at her home and her family by these dropouts from the Internet school of medicine.

After all, the police are arresting protesters at old growth forests. Surely our politicians deserve the same level of protection?

Sterling Campbell

Campbell River

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