Surely it is obvious that roundabouts are more efficient?

Good news about the Rockland Roundabout installation. I am looking forward to using it.

Maybe, hopefully, it will mobilise the city to build more of these devices in a city that is overloaded with four-way stop-signed intersections that only a small percentage of residents stop at.

Surely it is obvious that roundabouts are a more efficient way off keeping traffic moving, instead of stop signs that are mostly ignored. Just think, no more head-on collisions at intersections. What a novel concept.

Can one at Hilchey and South Island Highway be far behind? How about Hichey and South Alder? Be still, my heart!

Would it be safe to assume that the people that design these epic monuments to progress, also design manhole covers that are close to level with the road surface? Masquerading as inverted speed bumps. How ‘bout spacers or shims?

As they say, “it ain’t rocket science.” Surely I ain’t the only one. Thank you.

Paul Bond

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