Strictest mining laws

The mining laws in B.C. are strictest in Canada which is on par with the most stringent laws in the world

The Coal Watch group’s argument against the mine is full of misconceptions about the project and is also outdated.

We live in B.C. in the 21st century. The mining laws in B.C. are strictest in Canada which is on par with the most stringent laws in the world. The mining process they use is a closed water system. Therefore, the run off will be minimal to non-existent. The mine will be underground in an area that has been extensively logged. No new roads will be built, no trees or animal habitat will be destroyed. In fact, the sad thing is, if there hadn’t been so much publicity about the mine, it could have been in operation without the general public even knowing about it. Unlike Coal Watch, I have met and worked with Compliance Coal on separate projects. They are all locals who live on the west coast with their families and are well respected in their fields.

Of course there is the argument that coal is bad. One year ago, after the tsunami in Japan, Germany decided to become non-nuclear. The engineering company charged with the colossal task of making Germany no longer nuclear dependant was Siemens International, commonly known as the Green Giant. Four months ago, they published their answer. The only way for Germany to replace its demand for power is to move to clean coal power plants.

Germany has not been entirely successful of picking an alternative energy source as a result.

The coal deposit in the proposed Raven mine is classified as high grade coal.

Most high grade coal that is shipped to China is used for steel production instead of burning in a power plant.

The provincial government has completed the environmental review of the Raven Project.

They will be required to post a bond with the provincial government for tens of millions of dollars. This bond will be held until the closing and reclamation of the mine is complete and independently assessed.

The Raven Coal Project will provide 300 direct jobs for the next 50 years. That’s two generations of well paying jobs. Please do not let Vancouver Island get left behind because of the uneducated bias opinions of people who fail to see work as an important part of our future.

Sean Smyth,

Campbell River