Storm’s decline began when owner packed it in

It's not hard to figure out what happened to the Campbell River fans, the hockey team just wasn't good enough

Editor Alistair Taylor’s article about the Storm and their plan to improve the image of the city is right on the money.

After coming to Campbell River in 2002, we started to attend their games and became season ticket holders for several years. The decline began when Ed Kingston left because he knew how to treat the players and with a string of championships, as you know, players were falling all over themselves to come here.

After a few seasons of mediocre play and questionable coaches, we gave up our tickets. All we asked was that the players give a decent effort, win or lose.

The effort was not there on many nights and we have not been back since. And to think they had over 450 season ticket holders when the Keystone Cup was here in 2006?

Ed Gilman,

Campbell River