Speak out about Bill C-13

Lately Canada is looking more and more like a police state

Two days ago we remembered the fallen soldiers of years ago who fought for our country so that we may live a free and prosperous life. All gave some but some gave all.

Lately Canada is looking more and more like a police state. Peter MacKay’s Online Spying Bill C13 will enable the RCMP, CSIS, and CSEC to monitor private Canadians lives without any real oversight. They will be able to spy on iInnocent Canadians without warrants, without them knowing about it, giving immunity to telecom companies who hand over information, leaving victims unable to sue and not even knowing they are being spied on.

Vic Toews’ C13 was abandoned after Canadians spoke out. Bill C13 has only a couple pages on cyberbullying. Bill C13 is more about openly spying than cyberbullying. Bill C13 encourages unconstitutional behaviour and the Supreme Court just ruled that warrantless government requests for private information is unconstitutional. If this bill is passed it will cost Taxpayers millions to defend in court which is wasted money. The Conservatives oppose the Bill 62 per cent to 24 per cent. It is also highly unpopular with the majority of Canadians.

Privacy is essential in a healthy Democracy. Bill C13 will eliminate privacy all together. This Bill was rammed through with a short debate. I hope John Duncan opposes Bill C13 too. Privacy is about controlling your own affairs lawfully. It’s not about the “if you’re not doing anything wrong what’s to worry about?” cliche. So if Canada keeps going in the direction its going, we can deductively reason that WWI and WWII were fought in vain.

Ed Anderson

Campbell River