Small, noisy group finds time to b**** and complain

Anyway my initial reason to write you was the article concerning problems bicycle riders are encountering biking their way through our beautiful city.

After going through the expense of providing specialized lanes and signage throughout the city, this small, noisy group still finds time to bitch and complain about how they aren’t considered for special provisions for their peddling conveniences. They, firstly, have to understand that the transportation vehicle they have chosen is considered to be one which is to use the same lane ways that cars do. That being the case, they have the same right of way as any vehicle on the road.

Recognizing there are some hazard exposures to that, the taxpayers have provide limited special provisions for bicycles. These persons do not pay a road tax, nor are they required to license their unit, nor do they have to carry insurances, so they pretty much use the facilities vehicular owners and taxpayers have developed to transit the community.

If, on the other other hand, they had to comply with all the requirements auto operators have to then they would have some authority to demand special provisions. Until that shoe drops, just go where you feel safe and respect pedestrians on the Seawalk whom I’ve seen have to do a quick two step to avoid bikers who ride two and three abreast.

Maybe pedestrians have more complaints than bikers but, hey, there are no autos on the Seawalk yet is there?

Ray Fortier Sr. RP

Campbell River