Slate politics undemocratic

Slate politics doesn't provide diversity on city council

The school behind my house seems strangely silent. My thoughts turn to how both federal and provincial governments with their three political parties appear to constantly waste my tax payments on subsidies for pipelines, corporations and ideas like the Great Bear Rainforest instead of investing them in the health, education and welfare of its residents.

It seems to me that the one place in Canadian politics that is somewhat democratic is the individual municipality or regional district.

That is because most of Canada’s cities and towns do not have fully functioning municipal political parties. Political parties and slates effectively silence dissent through party discipline. Peaceful dissent is a cornerstone of democracy.

Indeed, the public expression of disagreement with majority-held views is the essential component of open democratic politics. I read that Campbell River is now endowed with a “slate” of candidates to address five issues confronting the town (Campbell River Mirror, September 5).

While I may agree with the issues, I disagree with the need of the formation of a “slate” for their resolution.