Sign up and vote

There are lots of locals who could contribute to those numbers

Not long ago there was a request in the paper from the Campbell River Hospice Society, to ask people to support their quest for funding a Hospice House via the Aviva Community Fund.

This is an ongoing endeavor and really deserves to be supported – good job to the people here in Campbell River who put the application online! The Aviva Fund gives financial support to worthy causes – but it is based online and probably not too many people have heard of it. Please take the time to get online, read about what the Hospice is about, sign up and vote for this cause. I just checked and the votes were at 368 and this town has 30,000 people. That means there are lots of locals who could contribute to those numbers. Please go to the website:

Please sign up and vote. You are allowed one vote per day and it runs until Nov. 4. The sooner you can get started the better, and you can share on facebook to ask others to support this. We need a Hospice House and although we will probably get a new hospital in the future, no provision is being made for hospice beds in that hospital setting, although the need is definitely there.

Marina Mactavish