Searching for my inner green thumb

Spring appears to finally be coming and some days it seems like it’s actually here.

While I’m enjoying the warmer temperatures and the few sunny days we’ve had recently, it’s forcing me to turn my attention to a daunting task that I just can’t escape. I’m reminded of it every time I look out my back window.


As people who know me can attest, I’m definitely not known for having a green thumb.

I end up killing most plants and flowers shortly after they come into my possession.

I’m lucky if a bouquet of flowers lasts a week in my house and the rhododendrons I bought a few years back never did survive the summer.

But this year I want to try and make the effort.

My new home comes with a garden – which to me looks gargantuan and terrifying – in the backyard that definitely needs some tender loving care.

It really is a decent-sized garden bed (I think even experienced gardeners would agree) and I know it has potential.

The problem is, I have no idea where to start.

What’s even more overwhelming is there’s a second garden bed in the yard. Not one, but two. Two. I’ve had the thought to put herbs and veggies in the second plot but that’s opening a whole other can of worms.

My co-worker and I have a plan to get started on the gardens this weekend, but we really only have basic knowledge.

Well, she probably knows more than I do. I don’t even know what I’m still able to plant at this stage in the game.

I know I’m most probably behind already on the spring growing season as most bulbs likely should have gone into the soil last fall before the first frost.

I really haven’t a clue where to start or what I should be growing. I’m thinking I need something easy the first year, that will survive in a somewhat shady area and won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

If I can have my flowers make it through this first gardening season then I’ll know I’ve done something right and hopefully that will build up my confidence and encourage me to continue on.

So, I’m turning to you, Campbell River. I know there are a lot of gardeners out there. What would you suggest? What would you recommend for a first-time gardener who has a tendency to forget to water her plants?

I will gladly take any advice and guidance I can get.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll discover a new passion and the joys of gardening. I’ve heard that gardening promotes wellness and has several health benefits, including reducing stress and I can always use less stress in my life.

I’m staying optimistic, hoping that I can pull it off and hopefully gain some new skills in the process.