Safety, compassion a priority

Our priority to public safety and education is mirrored by our compassionate treatment of animals

Coastal Animal Services is very pleased to be working for the City of Campbell River and its citizens in the pursuit of responsible pet ownership and public safety.

Our priority to public safety and education is mirrored by our compassionate treatment of animals. We have been acting as an animal control and animal shelter for nearly 40 years on Vancouver Island. We have two large animal shelter branches so no dog is ever turned away due to lack of space and this ensures that a successful adoption takes place.

We do not euthanize adoptable dogs and during the past four decades in this business have forged solid and lasting relationships with several SPCA branches and animal rescue groups up and down Vancouver Island. We look forward to establishing similar relationships with those dedicated to animal welfare here in Campbell River.

Unfortunately, there have been some false and misleading statements concerning our company that I would like to address. Every local government establishes bylaws for the legal detainment of stray dogs. Each establishes a minimum time frame in which a pound must hold an animal prior to adoption.

The period in Campbell River is five days. It is fairly obvious when an animal is malnourished and abandoned and this time frame is typical of that situation. We must still wait five days before initiating the adoption process.

On the other hand, dogs that possess any form of identification or appear well fed and socialized may be held for several weeks while trying to locate an owner.

After we have exhausted all avenues of re-uniting the lost pet with its owners, then and only then, the dog will be available for adoption.

All of our adoptable animals are spayed and neutered, dewormed and treated for parasites.

I wish to thank all of those who have contacted us with their questions or concerns and all of the many calls of support we have received from the community.

We look forward to serving the community with courtesy and professionalism.

Please visit our facebook page to get a better understanding of the role we play in the community.

Trevor Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

Coastal Animal Control Services of BC Ltd.