Restore home delivery

Letters to the Editor

I would like to express my objection to the cessation of home mail delivery to Canada Post’s urban clients in Campbell River.

I would like Canada Post to consider restoring home mail delivery.The cessation of service and the introduction of the community mail boxes was done without asking whether clients would approve of this.

The construction of the mailboxes has altered our local landscape. And done so in a negative way. Some boxes obstruct the view.  Most have downgraded our view of the local neighbourhoods.

The new mailboxes were constructed in a seemingly haphazard and rushed way (to meet a deadline perhaps?). There are three mailboxes on sites cut into the grass verge within a block near my house.

The boxes have certainly changed our neighbourhoods. Perhaps lowered property values too. Did the city get paid to allow Canada Post to install the boxes on City property?

I would like to know how much the construction of the mailboxes has cost us.

And how much does Canada Post reckon it will save by laying off the postal workers who used to deliver our mail? Will reducing the workforce increase its bottom line? By how much, weighed alongside the cost of installing the boxes?

Is this a socially conscious way to operate a national service that is supposed to serve the citizens of Canada?

I can, unlike some others, go to my local mailbox to get my mail.  I miss the visit by my postal worker to my doorstep. It was always a friendly visit and was somewhat reassuring – a welcome ritual which somehow, I felt, kept the neighbourhood together. The deliveryperson could notice anything untoward and do something about it.

Come on, Canada Post. Do the right thing. Give us our door-to-door mail delivery back. I dunno what you’re going to do with the mailbox sites and the mailboxes – you created them so you figure out how to restore our neighbourhoods’ landscape.

Hugh Smith

Campbell River