Recycling depots an asset

Our View

The state of the public recycling depot at the Sportsplex over the holidays was a strong indicator that the depot – which has been on the chopping block – is a valuable service.

The depot, which the Comox Strathcona Waste Management Service has discussed closing sometime in the future, was overflowing with recyclables in the days immediately following Christmas.

City council, realizing the value of the depot to the community, has for the time being successfully lobbied to have the depot remain in place.

Which by the looks of the facility this holiday season is a good thing.

It’s encouraging to see that people have embraced the art of recycling and are making the conscious decision to keep certain items out of our landfill.

The green bins were mostly full of discarded cardboard boxes – presumably generated by the amount of gift-giving done over the holidays – as well as cans, food and drink cartons.

But there were other items, too.

Items such as old microwaves and other appliances that don’t belong at the recycling depot.

It’s unfortunate, as that was one of the main reasons why the Comox Strathcona Waste Management service had championed closing both the Strathcona Gardens and Sportsplex recycling depots.

Jesse Lee, the manager of waste management service, told city council last year that the organization spends $36,000 on clean-up due to misuse of the facilities.

He said garbage is routinely dropped off at the depots, including hazardous waste, furniture and household refuse – even chemicals.

Which is unfortunate.

Sure, the landfill up on Argonaut Road is further away and maybe not as convenient, but if we want to keep our recycling depots – which are free to use – then we need to use them in a respectful manner.