Readers comment on Campbell River’s cannabis shop bylaw and smoking in public restrictions

We got lots of comments on our story on the city bylaw which restricts where retailers will be allowed to sell marijuana and changes to the Parks Control and Smoking Regulation bylaws which adds the smoking of cannabis to the list of infractions punishable by a fine and what those fines will be.

The city’s Parks Control Bylaw, which regulates behaviour in city parks and areas designated for use by the general public, has seen the phrase “Unlawfully consume liquor” changed to “Unlawfully consume liquor/cannabis” and the penalty for the offence has doubled from $100 to $200.

Under the city’s Smoking Regulation Bylaw, the fine for carrying or possessing burning cannabis in a public place, workplace or educational institution has also been set at $200 – more than double the $75 penalty for smoking tobacco where you’re not allowed.

In terms of where retailers will be allowed to set up shop, under the new regulations cannabis retailers will not be permitted to operate within 300 metres of a school or within 300 metres of another cannabis retailer.

Here’s a sampling of reactions from our posting of this story on the Mirror’s Facebook page (they appear as written, unedited):

Samanthaa Leigh What about fines for the toxic cigarettes people smoke everywhere? Id 100% rather smell pot then cigarettes…

Trish Sorensen Why is everyone so put out that you can’t smoke weed in public? I’m 100% down with the use and propagation of it but I also understand that it’s the same laws as any mind altering substance. I can’t go down to shoppers and slam a beer before I go in, I can’t hope in my car and have a quick beer in the parking lot. Think about it, it’s the same logic. All the people crying about this policy are not thinking rationally on the legal and logistical side of things.

Diane Lynn King Wrong. Pot should not be 200 dollars and tobacco at 75 dollars. Absolutely BS. Tobacco kills. Marijuana medicine. I think people do try So other People smell neither. Not in public place for either. But pot smokers need areas like tobacco smokers.

Gina Forsyth How can you be fined for something that is legal?

Sherri Collingwood Where is Council suggesting people smoke this legal substance then?

Near all our kids at home and in the backyards of crowded neighborhoods?


John Partyka If you’re ignorant enough to think that smoking cannabis is like drinking alcohol, then you shouldn’t be allowed to make laws about it… shame on you ignoramuses that presume to make laws on things you know little or nothing about!

Louise Dixon So sad the government always sets people up just so they have more $$$ in their pockets

Dano Fietz I totally agree should be higher should have respect for others that don’t do it or have health issue that small effects

Penny Sloat Moch Just because it’s legal it doesn’t restrict fines. Alcohol is legal, but drinking in public isn’t – fine or court. Smoking is legal, but restrictions enforced by fines. Driving is legal but restrictions imposed by fines or court. Being naked is legal, but also has restrictions on where it’s acceptable. Fines don’t take the legality of it away, it simply adds restrictions. Liquor stores have restrictions, how many, how far apart and most places require serving it right, so big deal there’s restrictions on pot as well. DONE

Tanya Miller How many ive walked passed downtown with open alcohol intoxicated and loitering. The huge mess that is left behind and also overdoses happening. Enforce the laws already made.. Weed is not the issue.

Nanci Cook might as well be illegal

Isaac Desprez You can’t drink in public and it’s legal…