Public deserves answers from City Hall

  • The Mirror’s recent article on the investigation report on the conduct of former City Chief Administrator, Andy Laidlaw, raises concerns and questions. According to Mayor Adams, “We were extremely fortunate to have someone of Andy’s (Laidlaw) calibre.” That being the case, the City and Mr. Laidlaw have nothing to hide and the report should be released by the City to us. The people of Campbell River paid for it and are entitled to it. Good on the Mirror for pursuing this issue.


  • Using federal gas tax refund money to help pay for the new field at Robron Park, which was previously rejected in a referendum. Weren’t there infrastructure projects of greater importance such as our impending water supply upgrade?


  • Is it really reasonable to spend $25,000 on the design to re-build the Tyee Spit platform and as estimated by city staff $75,000 for construction? Why not put it out for bids including the design to local contractors? One of them will do a great job at less cost.


Gus Murray

Campbell River