Priorities are screwed up

There comes a time when you just have to say...enough!

There comes a time when you just have to say…enough!

I really tried to be objective with decisions our city council makes. It is for our benefit…right?  I cannot believe their priorities are so screwed up.  I was under the impression that we were supposed to encourage small business,…actually any business.

We were supposed to encourage people to come to Campbell River, to want them to invest In us, so why do we, for starters, have a welcome to Campbell River sign at the entrance to this beautiful city, that looks like a neglected cemetary plot. Who wants to live in a place that can’t even look after their welcome sign.  Has a council member had a look down island at all the city  and village welcome signs? Obviously not.  My gosh even Bowser wants to welcome visitors.

And then what do I read in the paper this past week?

Now council is contemplating taking away the only thing that allows the Senior Centre, the Christian radio station, the Re-store, River City players, The Dragon Boat Society, Strathcona Regional District, and even the Campbell river family services and Red cross,  to operate.   This ‘interpretation’ of the Provincial Community Charter just plain stinks and if this continues, this will be a travesty.  These organizations will have to close their doors if the city continues to contemplate terminating their tax free property status.

We should be celebrating the decisions of those local businesses and organizations that have given these groups a safe and secure place to house themselves, not take away their only way of continuing servicing the community.  If the city council has to continue with this decision by law, then they darn well better fix the problem with whatever grants or monies that are available for them to continue as they have been.

If not, then shame on you City Council, and you may as well bury these wonderful, incredible organizations in that giant cemetery plot on Jubilee.

Deb Idiens

Campbell River