Political economics

We are expected to invest, over the next five months or so, about $10,000 into a city councillor who no longer lives in the province

What is our return on investment?

We are expected to invest, over the next five months or so, about $10,000 into a city councillor who no longer lives in the province, let alone our community. So what, exactly, will we be getting for that 10 Grand?

Will we be able to talk to him, directly, about an issue? Will we be able to challenge him on his stand on a issue? Will he be able to physically see, for himself, something that is happening in the city that is of concern to those of us, who actually live here? Will he be directly effected by the decisions he votes on?

I think you will agree that the answer, on all accounts, is no.

So why this insistence on remaining a member of this council, for the last five months of its sitting? Is it the money? If it is, then there is a serious issue, for that is not a good enough reason for the citizens of this community. It smacks of personal interest and greed, which does not serve the best interest of the taxpayer.

I suspect that money may be part of it, but I suspect the real reason is even more base than that. Continuing the disfunction of a 4-3 vote.

The record shows (both written and video recorded) that Councillor Mennie followed the lead of both Councillor Adams and Moglove, over the past two terms. Rarely did he show any independence from their stands, remaining a part of the “4” side, of a one-sided vote. His resignation would change that dynamic, with the chance of a 3-3 vote to happen, more often than not, a vote that could be broken by the mayor and land in a direction opposite of what Adams and Moglove would want, in their continued drive for personal power and influence.

It is an election year and there is, in fact, very little that will be accomplished in the next five months that would really make much of a difference, other than leaving a mess or a legacy for the next council. Regardless, the requirement for Ryan Mennie to remain on council is nil, as his participation offers no real return on our taxpayer investment.

If you really have the interest of this community, at your heart, Mr. Mennie, do the right and honourable thing and resign your seat.

Sean Smith

Campbell River