Please tell me it was an April Fool’s joke

So, the city clerk had to come in while on holidays to sign a document – and we are on the hook for $84,000.  Is there something in the water? Where is the leadership?

What if, God forbid, he had been incapacitated, would city business been halted until his return? There must be another reason to hire a deputy but if this is the only reason then we are in bigger trouble then I thought.

Perhaps a temporary “acting deputy” could be appointed to cover or else a cheque writing machine could be bought for far less.  I’m sure that the clerks in other jurisdictions don’t manually sign all documents.

The other concern is with the problems at the Community Centre.  I am aghast that any health and safety committee would suggest that a custodian, without the required training, would be forced to enter  such a risky situation.  Surely one would recommend that temporary competent security officers be hired at far less cost to cover the worst times.  If  they or off duty Mounties were there, then it would become known and those drunks and ne’er-do-wells would stay away.  Of course, if this problem exists seven nights a week, then there is a bigger problem that adding another custodian would not be able to solve.

By far, however, my biggest concern is how much we are now paying Mr. Paul to continue working now that Mr. Laidlaw is in place.

By the way, the reason that airports were downloaded by the feds was that they were a drain on the federal government – an airport commission will not change that.

Of course the oldest trick in the budget book is to put out these kinds of items to be cut while not acting on other items and patting ones self on the back that the budget was resolved.

Oops, I just noticed that the date of the paper is April 1. Hopefully this is an April Fools joke.

I can’t wait until the October election.

Sterling Campbell

Campbell River